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We are a low-cost and 100% guaranteed variety of service providers in Gujarat, and we can deliver goods or vehicles to the destination location. We also have a lot of reputation in Gujarat, and we have many branches.

Home Moving

Get in touch with Diya Road Carrier Company if you need to move household items or redecorate your new home. The process involved in house shifting is very complex and requires careful planning. This consists in finding or purchasing the necessary materials to properly pack your belongings and transport them to your new home. You can hire packers and movers companies at your convenience. Diya Road Carrier Company offers a full range of services, while others may specialize and have experience in particular areas of housekeeping. They can help with how to properly pack your items for shipment. Will pack your items in water-proof boxes that they can seal with tape. They can use superior materials to protect fragile items. They can then load the boxes into a special container, such as a lift van or shipping container. They then drive the container to your destination. Our company’s employees have a great reputation because they can provide excellent solutions to customers. The company you choose will depend on where your family is going and what kind of products are involved. Across the country, you will need a reliable mover and packer company that will also provide an insurance policy for the assured transportation of your belongings.

Office moving

Contact Diya Road Carrier for door-to-door delivery service and 24*7 customer support. Diya Road Carrier Company will help with every office relocation process. Using the right packing materials is crucial to ensure your office items arrive in perfect condition. These include water-proof boxes, foam and tape. This means separating the wires, delicate and putting them in their own separate box. This will help you avoid any unnecessary or annoying stress during the ongoing process. If you decide to hire a company in Gujarat, then it is best if you contact Diya Road Carrier Company. When you hire Diya Road Carrier for your office relocation, they will carefully load your items into the truck and move them. Use whatever you need. This will ensure that your items do not break during transit. Trained staff will take care when handling your fragile items like electronics and LCDs. This is especially true for laptops, faxes and printers. They will be heavily bubble wrapped to prevent damage during the transportation process. Whether you are moving your office or just moving your home, finding a company that has experience in office moving is essential. They will be able to provide a wide range of services at an affordable price, which is a great way to ensure your items reach their new destination in a timely fashion.

Loading and unloading

Choosing the transport services of Diya Road Carrier Company can have many benefits, including reduced labour costs and increased productivity, no repair costs. We employ a team that has a high level of experience, expertise and is fully trained to handle all of your products. They will develop a comprehensive strategy to optimize your supply chain, including cost reduction through labour reduction, improved safety practices, use of technology and efficient logistics management. Fortunately, there are several advanced and affordable options available for loading and unloading your items. Backloading is an advanced and affordable loading and unloading service that allows customers to share transportation costs. This will prevent mix-ups and ensure that all of your items reach their destination safely. The price of backloading services will depend on how much space your belongings take up on the truck and how far away they need to be from their original destination.


Warehouses are good places to store your products until they are ready for delivery or when you want to move products. They allow you to produce products as you need them, ahead of time, and store them safely until they need to be shipped. With the latest logistics technology, a warehouse service team can keep track of your shipments so you have complete visibility into your entire supply chain. Diya Road Carrier provides road transport services only. These services are essential for businesses that need to deliver their products to customers. The benefits of choosing Diya Road Carrier transportation services are numerous and include the ability to reduce shipping costs and deliver your items quickly. These services give you more control over your inventory and can help you avoid out-of-stock situations that cost your business money. If you want to rent an ideal warehouse at a very low rate, then you can contact our company. In the field of business, many businessmen use our warehouse to store their goods as needed.

packing and unpacking

Choosing Diya Road Carrier company‚Äôs modern and quality packing and unpacking services will give you the peace of mind that your belongings are taken care of. Various valuable and fragile items can be shipped in our trucks. No matter which city you are visiting in Gujarat, our packing and unpacking services will ensure that your valuables reach their destination safely. In terms of transportation, we also offer road freight and other shipping methods that will 100% guarantee your products reach their destination quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the service you choose, it’s important to look for a licensed and insured company. This ensures that you have experienced drivers to deliver your goods. One of the best ways to relieve customer stress and reduce moving costs is to start packing early. This will give you more time to pack your essentials, as well as declutter and organize your household items. Ideally, you should start packing about a month or 45 days before your move. This gives you special time to collect boxes and purchase and label bubble wrap and other packing materials. Packing is one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of moving, but it can also be a lot less daunting when you keep things organized.

Local shifting

There are many options for local transfers. The best idea is to hire a reputable and genuine moving company. People can move within their city, to another city in the same state, or even across the country. Each of these transfers is completely different and requires a different approach. Regardless of where you are planning to relocate, hiring professionals is always a great option to ensure a sure and safe move. Choosing the right moving partner can be an intimidating or tedious task. You need to find a company that will accommodate your specific needs and be within your budget. Check out different websites. If you are a resident of Gujarat, then hire Diya Road Carrier Company. The moving cost depends on the old and new house. Generally, local transfers can be less expensive than long-distance transfers if there are no complications. Two to three days for a local move. This includes packing and transporting items to your new home. Depending on the size of the move, movers can disassemble and pack your home or office and then reassemble. Whether you need to move your entire home, a single room or an office, our company’s experts can help. Please submit your moving details, and we will get in touch with some of the movers who have earned a reputation for providing reliable and genuine services at competitive rates.

Vehicle transport

Diya Road Carrier Company offers one of the leading vehicle transport services in Gujarat and prides itself on providing the best quality services. From local moves to international moves, we have the equipment and reputation to get your vehicle safely and on time. In the car shipping experience, there are several things to keep in mind. Our company is genuine and committed. Also, you want to choose a company that offers multiple payment options. For example, you can opt for an advance payment or a money order/manager’s check for moving. A fake company will not answer your questions or be happy. Comprehensive list of services and prices and helps you choose your budget. A good vehicle transport company will also offer a free quote, which is the most cost-effective way to assess your needs. To find the best vehicle transport companies, read reviews, talk to family, and do your own research. Your satisfaction will depend on the quality of the vehicle transport company you choose. Our company has a well-defined customer service plan. They have an impressive fleet of vehicles and expertise in transporting vehicles from one point to another. Customers are satisfied with our hassle-free car transport.

Full Truck load

As a leading transport and moving company in Gujarat, Diya Road Carrier offers a complete truckload service for your cargo transportation needs. Our fleet of trucks is equipped with airbags and cargo locks, among others and all the equipment you need for efficient delivery. Our trucks can carry goods ranging from small personal items to large industrial goods. Our packers and movers in Gujarat take pride in keeping our trucks well-maintained and equipped with the best packing supplies, including bubble wrap, tape, boxes and others. We use these tools to protect your belongings during and after your move. Full truckload (FTL) shipping is a standard way to ship a shipment that requires a single truck assigned to a client. Full truckload service rates are dependent on a variety of factors, including the necessary equipment to transport your freight and any additional services required during pickup or delivery. Special services such as inside pickup and delivery, load lock/strap and lift-gate service may all trigger additional fees. Another important factor in full truckload pricing is how long it takes to unload and load the cargo onto the truck.

Part Truck Load

Our company provides part truck loading services to transport goods. This is where cargo transportation business services come in handy, as they provide an affordable, easy way to move your goods from one place to another. Whatever you are moving, we are able to provide service and hassle-free delivery services within your budget. Choosing the right transportation method for your needs can be a confusing task, but finding the right solution is important. A part truck load is a shipping option that allows truck drivers to pick up loads smaller than their truck’s capacity. This reduces their dependence on fixed routes and will reduce their money, time and fuel. For businesses with low-volume orders, partial load transportation is a great way to reduce their overall costs and improve their logistics efficiency. You can transport long-distance goods as per your requirement. Diya Road Carrier Company offers partial load transportation services to clients to help their consignments reach their destinations in less time wherever they are in India. The packing, loading, and transportation industry is an important part of our economy, and without a reliable, efficient and safe shipping system, it is difficult to meet the demand for goods.


"I took the storage services of this company to avoid transporting my family belongings. I stored my things for 20 days. I received excellent service, so my friends also contacted this company. I have had a great experience with Diya Road Carrier's warehouse service. "
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